Which one has the strongest screen?

PhoneBuff, a YouTune channel phone expert, did drop tests under different conditions in order to determine which screen was stronger between the S23 Ultra (iPhone 14 Pro Max) and the S23 Ultra (iPhone 14 Pro Max). The screens are not made from the same glass (Gorilla Glass Victus 2. vs. Ceramic Shield

S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max
S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max drop test © PhoneBuff

Recall that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was already tested in speed tests with the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Today, the screens of both smartphones were tested in drops to see if the Gorilla Glass of Samsung can withstand more drops than the Ceramic Shield of the iPhone.

Drop test of S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max: Which one is more resistant?

The iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a flat-edged stainless steel frame. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s rounded edges are complemented by an aluminum frame. A benefit on the iPhone side is the chain PhoneBuffWho performed the test on video.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, however, incorporates Corning’s latest screen glass technology. Gorilla Glass Victus 2 The device’s front and back. The iPhone 14 Pro Max can be used in the meantime Ceramic Shield On the front glass and on the Dual Ion-Exchange At the back.

Which one is more rugged? The S23 Ultra won the first two tests, while the iPhone won the third and fourth. Both smartphones must be compatible with the same operating system. Almost fully functional The Galaxy S23 Ultra was fine after the four drops tests. However, it suffered more damage than the iPhone (especially the back).

Find our Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra test here, and our iPhone 14 Pro test at this address.

You can judge in video:

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