Which of the Samsung S23 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max performs better in the drop test, respectively?

Each smartphone release has a Drop Test. This is a difficult event for both users and fans who wish to buy a new smartphone.

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How solid is the Gorilla Victus 2 Gorilla Glass Victus?

In this video, which was recently posted to YouTube’s account of PhoneBuff, In a duel of the worst, the Galaxy S23 Ultra meets the iPhone 14 Pro Max. ! This isn’t a first. The Apple Watch Ultra has already been subject to the hammer, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, when it’s not two iPhones facing each other, has already faced the S22.

It is important to remember this before you start. Some technical details to be reviewed during the Test On one side, the iPhone’s flat edges and stainless steel frame are visible. On the other, the Galaxy’s rounded edges with its aluminum frame and aluminum frame are visible. The question is whether the Gorilla glass Victus 2 (on both the front and rear of the S23 Ultra), will be stronger than Ceramic Shield on iPhone 14 Pro Max. Editor’s Note: The back of the iPhone 14 Pro / Max features a textured matte finish. Dual Ion-Exchange).

Who of the Samsung S23 Ultra or the iPhone 14 Pro Max does better in the drop test?

Samsung has a slight advantage

If the conditions of the test are not known, it is performed in multiple phases. The smartphones fall on concrete slabs in different ways from a height of approximately 1.50 meters.. The first test is a fall from the back. The Samsung emerges with a small scratch in a corner. The back of the iPhone is completely cracked. The rest of this test is divided between falls on corners and the front (victory to the iPhone). The test is over In the hospital tragically.

Final verdict Both phones would still be functional at the conclusion of the four rounds. The Galaxy S23 Ultra did slightly better than iPhone 14 Pro Max.. It appears that the Gorilla Glass survived better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with less visible damage.

We advise you to not replicate this experience as it can systematically void your warranty.

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