This Warzone 2 class makes EBR-14 just as powerful and versatile as the DMR.

Published: 2022-12-25T21:05:44

Last Updated: 2022-12-25T21:07:06

Metaphor, a well-known content creator, has revealed his class that will allow EBR-14 to shine upon Al Mazrah. The class is so powerful that the DMR meta could rise out of the ashes and cause havoc. Warzone 2.

Although Warzone 2 is only a few weeks old, the battle royale meta has just begun to take shape. It is constantly evolving as players discover new classes that can be used.

Before other weapons such as the MG Raal and TAQ-56 started to overshadow it, the EBR-14 was in its prime. Players began to abandon it in favor weapons with less recoil and larger magazines that are faster TTKs.

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Metaphor, however, is not to be underestimated by the RBE who could be poised to save the meta DMR of the original battle Royale.

The EBR-14 on its path to becoming one the most powerful weapons in Warzone 2?

The youtuber, who uploaded his December 23 video, highlighted the potential of the semi-automatic rifle. He said that it is similar in function to the DMR, which was for many months the most popular weapon on Verdansk.

“This thing could do two shots if you get your headshots.”Metaphor summarizes. “And in general, the weapon does really, really amazing damage.”

The EBR-14 is the best class

  • Mouth: ZLR Heel 5
  • Ammunition: 7.62 High velocity
  • Canon: Boremaster 22″
  • Bezel: VLK 4.0
  • Stock: SO-90 factory stock

If you want to see the class’s worth in the heat, it is best to place a bet on a submachine weapon, such as the Fennec, to the side. This will provide you with cover at close range as well as in medium and long-range firefights, where the RBE thrives.

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