Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone test: THE ultimate smartphone

Tech Specs:

  • 6.8-inch AMOLED Display, 1440Ă—3088 Pixels 1-120 Hz
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 For Galaxy chipset
  • 12 GB RAM
  • 256/512GB, 1 TB, or 1 TB internal storage that isn’t expandable
  • Quadruple photo sensor 200+12+10+10 megapixels
  • Front sensor 12 megapixels
  • Fingerprint reader below the screen
  • Compatible 45 watt wireless charge, reverse charge, and battery 5000 mAh compatible
  • Operating system: Android 13 with One UI 5.0 overlay software

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The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone offers many benefits, including a Design very similar to the previous versionHowever, it is dressed in a more sophisticated and elegant style than the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It is characterized by its sombre lines and flat back.

There are Three large circles that are vertically aligned and relatively large The main sensors are embedded while two smaller circles are added to complete the camera array. The The rear surface seems to have the lenses. The camera. This gives it a very clean appearance that we love. But, you should also know that dust can buildup between the lenses if there is no cover. This design can also be applied to other models in the S23 series, while the previous model was able to maintain its distinction.

The profiles of the mobile phone are perfectly rounded provide an excellent grip. The upper and lower profiles are completely flat. The button to activate standby is located on the right, as well as the double button to adjust the volume. The chassis is made out of metal The chassis is made out of metal. The antennas are visible in all positions to pick up signals. On the upper profile, there is a microphone. On the bottom, you will find a second microphone, a speaker and the USB-C connector. The slot to store the stylus is also located here. It is important to note that the mobile can accept up to 2 SIM cards simultaneously. However the internal storage capacity of the device cannot be expanded by using a memory card. Water infiltration is prevented by the drawer. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has been IP68 certified This makes it completely waterproof, even in total immersion, and also dustproof.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone by Samsung is the most powerful of all the brand’s smartphones. It weighs in at 233g (240g for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, 229g for the Xiaomi 13 Pro), so it is comfortable in the hand and pocket. It is also quite large, one of the largest on the market. For a height of 163.4mm and a width of 78.1mm, you can count on 160.7×77.6mm of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and 162.9×74.6mm of the Xiaomi 13 Pro. It is thicker than the Xiaomi 13 Pro Max’s 8.4 mm profile and the Apple mobile’s 7.85 mm.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has many great features stereo sound. This one is Particularly coherent, balanced It is also suitable for use with a cell phone. It is virtually distortion-free, and can be used to allow you to view a video or a series in very acceptable conditions. The spatialization effects of the Dolby Atmos format The compatibility with headphones will be better, but it works well with the built in speakers on both sides.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best in connectivity and has the ability to use the networks. 5G, NFC Bluetooth 5.3, Bluetooth 5.3, and Wi-Fi6E. It is possible to detect connected objects nearby via the ultra-fast connection. It is. eSIM compatible. The fingerprint reader The screen is below the installation area. The detection area is Located at 3.5 cm from its edgeIt allows you to stick your thumb on it easily. During our tests, the reader was flawless. It blocked the way to other fingers than the tester’s and opened the device quickly enough to make it enjoyable and not frustrating.

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra Ultra screen is very high quality.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra uses a Samsung Display AMOLED panel with a diagonal 6.8 inches. Both sides are curved. This allows it not only to offer very thin side edges but also top and bottom edges. We noticed a slight chromatic shift and can appreciate the wide viewing angles provided by this screen. It can even be as high as a definition. 1440×3088 pixelsHowever, it can also keep below that level to save energy. We can also count on an LPTO panel, which means it can do. Variable the refresh rate between 1 – 120 HzDepending on which application is being used, it will automatically find the best balance between fluidity & battery consumption. A sensor measures the ambient brightness to adjust brightness automatically. We also have a heat sensor that adapts the screen to changing ambient brightness. To limit eye fatigue, colors should be chosen according to the ambient colorYou can choose between Vivid display mode or Natural display mode. You can choose between Bright and Natural display modes. You can change the color temperature to achieve a cooler or more vibrant shade.

The screen HDR10+ Video Format SupportedSamsung has not yet added Dolby Vision. The screens of the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Xiaomi 13 Pro Max support both formats.

Every day, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s display surface makes it a pleasure to use. The screen responds to all demands. You can adjust the sensitivity to make it more sensitive. It is bright enough to be used outdoors in direct sunlight and in dark conditions with a minimum brightness that’s acceptable.

A front photo sensor is located in a small circular area at the top of the screen. It does not interfere with daily life. Corning Gorilla Glasse Victus 2 technology protects the screen (against Victus in the Galaxy S22 Ultra). More resistant, especially against falls against hard material such as asphalt and bitumen.

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Android 13 with One UI overlay

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, is powered by Android 13 with OneUI 5.1 overlay Samsung. You will not be confused if you are familiar with the mobiles made by the South Korean brand. It is highly customizable. The menus can be navigated using gestures. You can navigate through the menus with gestures. There is also a sidebar that contains an application manager. This allows you to quickly switch between applications or launch the most recent ones. It is possible to link with Windows computers to exchange files and even display the contents on the PC monitor.

Many applications are already installed Microsoft Office, OneDrive LinkedIn and Outlook, as well as those from Google. You can also find Spotify, Netflix, and Facebook right away when you use your smartphone for the first time.

Samsung offers its own apps, including SmartThings and Samsung Health, Samsung Pay. Bixby, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung TV Plus, Samsung TV Plus, Smart Switch, and Samsung TV Plus. These applications allow you to quickly switch between mobiles by copying data.

There are many settings that can be used to organize and manage the smartphone. They are well organized, and a search engine will allow you to find the desired option. The maintenance mode allows you to prevent access to your device’s data while it is being repaired. This is a great idea.

Our test model showed that the Google Play update was on January 1, 2023, while the security update was on February 1, 2023. This is very recent for February tests. This shows that Samsung can be trusted to follow any updates since the firm. Promises 4 years worth of updates.

It is important to note the amount of internal memory that the system uses and the overlay. More than 70 GB !…

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The stylus

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is similar to the previous model. It also features a stylus. It has the same functions as the predecessor, including the ability to take notes, scroll images, or trigger the photo remotely. It offers nothing new.

With its “For Galaxy” chipet, it offers the best performance available on the market.

No more S versions that use the Exynos chipset. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is like all the S23 mobiles, and it benefits from a special version Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor is indicated “For Galaxy”.. It should be clear that the original Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chips found in other high-end smartphones of 2023 have been optimized for Samsung mobiles. Indeed, The clock frequency of the maincore is higher You will get better raw performances than any of the others.

Qualcomm and Samsung also collaborated to optimize hardware / software interactions, in particular to have a smoother interface and features that are also faster than other. These optimizations are not necessary given the power of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. We have already measured this in our Red Magic 8 Pro test. Given the incredible performance and ability to do many things in a very short time, I’m not sure. Samsung is able to boast an optimization that others don’t have.

Every day, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a treatEvery day is a pleasure with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It responds with an incomprehensible velocity and extreme fluidity. Nothing can stand in its way. It is possible to play even the most difficult videogames With maximum detail and playability. The chipset is associated 12 GB RAM. The settings (Battery and maintenance of device, then Memory) allow you to access the RAM Plus function. Once activated, it allows you toYou can allocate an additional 2, 4, 6, or 8 GB virtual RAMif necessary. This menu is not visible. There is a High Performance mode.

We ran several tests to see if the mobile was performing as well as other phones. Here are the main findings. The long test shows that the chipset’s full potential is not fully utilized. It is in the very first minute, but then it stays at around 80%.

With its 200 megapixel sensor resolution and 10x optical zoom, what is it worth?

The Galaxy S23 Ultra can do everything. You can stream content from streaming platforms in HD resolution It is compatible with Widevine L1 protocol.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is Samsung’s most-equipped smartphone for taking photos. It is the first mobile to benefit from the Samsung HP2 sensor 200 megapixelsDifferent from the one in the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, Samsung HP1. The Galaxy S22 Ultra uses a 108-megapixel Samsung HM3 Sensor. The main sensor on the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a a Ultra wide-angle sensor with 12 megapixels, as the previousHowever, it has changed its reference to a Sony IMX564 instead of a Sony IMX563. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has identical sensors with 10 megapixels that allow for a 3x optical zoom or a 10x optical zoom..

A sensor is located at the front. 12 megapixels can film in HDR10+ format So you can manage the details in both dark and light areas.

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The application’s interface looks very traditional with many options at the top, the framing, the zoom levels (0.6x-1×3, 3x and 10x respectively) and then the shooting modes. (Portrait, Photo and Video, Plus). The Plus menu offers access to additional modes such as Night, Video Pro and Panorama, Super Slow Motion or Slow Motion, Hyperlapse and Portrait Video, Director’s View (double-view) or Single Take. You can customize the interface by selecting preferred modes. This is a very practical feature. By default, the cell phone will show you where the best shots can be taken. A virtual module moves across the screen and you need to aim at it. It’s a huge success and allows you take beautiful pictures thanks to the interface. However, it is possible to do so without it.

The beautiful photos taken by the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra are stunning With a very high level detail. The main sensor is very effective, especially when used with a Excellent colorimetry with a wide dynamic range. The sharpness is quite fascinating. The A module with ultra wide angles also benefits from excellent colorimetryThis is not always the case. It is important to avoid significant differences when switching between modules. Zooms are a delight to use and to observe. We loved the precision and beauty of the telephoto lenses. Although not very useful, the 100x level allows for some very nice tasks to be done at a lower setting. The Google Pixel 7 Pro offers better contrast and details than the Pixel 7 Pro. As you can see in the images below. The mobile captures clear images in dark conditions and at night. The mobile can produce clear images in dark conditions. Galaxy S23 Ultra offers complete satisfaction in all circumstances.

It scored 140 on the DxOMark Lab, which is the same as the Google Pixel 7 but less than the Honor Magic5 Pro (152).

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is capable Ultra HD 8K Definition at 30 frames per Second.

Large battery for very good autonomy. The charge however is…

The battery capacity of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 5000 mAh. This is a good thing. It has a processor that is more efficient than its predecessor and algorithms to optimize consumption. It allows it to offer a better user experience. Excellent autonomy for up to a day and a quarter with just one charge. However, it is possible to reproach the fact that it supports the Maximum load at 45 Watts. Mid-range models offer 67 Watts and even 120 Watts. It takes much less time to charge (as with the Xiaomi 13 Pro for example. This is a high-end device, but not up to its rank. It offers wireless charging (10W) and reverse charging, if required. After 15 minutes of charging, you can expect a 32% increase.

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Box contents

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone is equipped with a USB to USB-C cable, as well as a SIM card drawer extractor tool.

Our opinion

Our point of view is: The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been a complete success. Its screen is very high quality and has a fluid, luminous display surface. You can use the stylus to draw, take note, or trigger photos remotely. The performance is there It allows you to always be at your fingertips, and if needed, it will respond immediately. We also like the device’s design and connectivity. Finally, Beautiful photos were taken by the Galaxy S23 Ultra.This camera has a great dynamic range, sharpness, excellent colors fidelity, and a fascinating zoom possibility.

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