MUNBYN portable scanner, photo scanner for A4 documents, pictures pages texts in 900 DPI, flat scanning, include 16G SD card, Wand document scanner Uploads images to computer via USB cable, no driver

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MUNBYN: Affordable Document Scanning Solutions

MUNBYN is a brand that offers many options for families as well as businesses. MUNBYN offers the best printing solutions with a highly skilled technical team. Customers can trust the brand because it is constantly improving and evolving.

MUNBYN offers a wide range of products, including document scanners. These scanners are portable and affordable, making them ideal for a variety of scanning needs. MUNBYN scanners make scanning photos and documents, text, pages, charts, pages, magazines, recipes, small map, and other information easy.

MUNBYN was founded in 2015 and has been devoted to providing affordable document scanning solutions for customers. The brand is still true to its roots and produces handheld scanners that meet the requirements of its customers.

MUNBYN’s products are a standout in a market full of high-priced automated scanners. Because the brand uses trusted methods to produce scanners at an affordable cost, its products are unique.

MUNBYN is passionate about what they do. They strive to find the right solutions for document, photo, draft, receipt, magazine scans or graffiti scans. MUNBYN’s expert technical team is always available to help with any concerns or issues.

The handheld scanner from MUNBYN can be used in a few steps. Place the scan target flat onto a table, hold the scanner close to it, and scan from top and bottom at a constant speed for a 900 DPI resolution. The portable scanner measures 10 inches in length and weighs 0.44 lbs, making it easy for anyone to carry. It also has 2 AA alkaline batteries that make it portable and can be used independently from computers. Additionally, the scanner has a 16G SD memory card for storage. It can also be connected via a USB cable to Mac, Windows 7/8/10/XP, or Linux systems computers.

MUNBYN also provides warm tips to maximize your handheld scanner’s potential. Customers are advised that they practice scanning speed a few times. You can fix poor image quality by cleaning the scanner’s bottom, restarting it, or calibrating white balance. The scanner can be restarted to resolve red light issues. Many instructional videos are available for customers.

MUNBYN offers affordable document scan solutions for families and businesses. Customers who are looking for professional technical support and high-quality products will find MUNBYN a trustworthy brand because of its focus on simplicity, vitality and specialty.

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