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It’s time to upgrade to an Apple Macbook

The Apple MacBook is the most talked-about laptop of this year. But can it live up to its hype and be a real success? The Apple MacBook Pro is the Apple MacBook Pro’s successor, but it offers a more affordable price and a new style. Although the Macbook pro is a thousand dollars less than the Macbook pro it still boasts many of the same amazing attributes.

  • Has an actual updated Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
  • Remote access via an integrated Webcam
  • Has the ability to run Windows XP
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports
  • FireWire 400
  • The MacBook is a great choice starting at 1,099 USD. These 13.3 inch laptops can do virtually everything that the MacBook Pro can. They also cost less than a thousand bucks. It features the same professional features as the Pro, with iSight Video and a distinctive appearance. Anyone who wants to upgrade an older Macbook will love the Macbook.

    The MacBook’s display is exceptional at 1200×800 pixels. It measures 13.3 inches wide, making it easy to view and easy to use. The Pro’s resolution is 1,440 x900. However, this difference is almost invisible to the naked eye. The keyboard is one the most important adjustments Apple has made to its MacBook. It is equipped with the same level secrets as the Sony VAIO C150P/B, and none of the concave secrets that they used to have. The MacBook also has a two-finger scroll, making it much easier to use the laptop computer without a mouse. Apple is well-known for their innovation, as the MacBook’s AC adaptor demonstrates. Magnetically attached, the air conditioner adaptor can be removed if you trip on it. This will prevent your entire laptop from collapsing. Wizard right?

    Performance as well as upgrades

    Many battery tests have been performed on the Macbook, with excellent results. The average battery life was 3 hours and 30 minutes, which was 30 seconds longer than the MacBook Pro.

    There are many devices and upgrades available for the Macbook. One of the most popular is the MagSafe Airline company Adaptor, which costs $59 You can quickly watch a movie or two on your trip with it. Standard MacBook Pros come with 1GB RAM and a 120GB hard drive. You can add more RAM for $175 or increase your disk drive to 160GB for 100 or 200GB for 200 dollars. Apple also sells a variety of accessories, including a USB contemporary connector for 49 dollars or a mini DVI to VGA adapter that costs 19 bucks.

    Although the MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro share many similarities in design and price, there are some important differences. The MacBook Pro comes with ATI Movement Radeon X1600 graphics, while the MacBooks come with Intel GMA 950 graphics. The Pro is recommended for gamers.


    The new MacBook is a big hit, giving customers the opportunity to purchase a laptop that looks and functions like a business laptop at an affordable price. Although there are some differences, MacBook still offers many of the same great features as the MacBook Pro.

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