IRIScan Desk 5 PROA3 Large Color scanner, PROA3 Document & Books scanner

Price: $299.99 - $149.99
(as of Mar 18,2023 05:58:26 UTC โ€“ Details)

With the document, book and receipt scanner, scan A3 documents, books, as well as various cards, quickly and without causing any damage. The scanner features an automatic page detection function that makes it easy to scan content. Additionally, the AI feature detects hand movement to trigger scanning. The scanner features a fast scanning speed and Supplemental LED lights. A push-button function and the auto-detect pagination function trigger scanning. The scanner is able to organize virtual classrooms and record videos. It uses IRIS OCR technology, which is patented. IRIS Business cards OCR software and Cardiris Corporate for digitizing business card are included as bonus software. It can also be powered via USB, making it ideal to use in libraries or pharmacies.

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