IDetect Quantum Edge Rugged ID card scanner & Passport scanner – ID and age verification, patron management for bars, clubs – Portable scanner, outer carry case, hand strap&charging cradle (Version 1)

Price: $959.00
(as of Mar 16,2023 06:50:42 UTC โ€“ Details)

The IDetect-Quantum Edge Handheld V2 ID/Passport Scanner provides the best solution for businesses looking for reliable identification verification and entry security. It is the most popular ID scanning system. It quickly detects fake IDs and underage entrants and takes a photo of the entrant as well as their license. It also stores their historical and demographic information with fast precision. This smart ID scanner can be used in bars, member clubs, and other businesses that require quick ID checks.

But what really makes the Quantum Edge Handheld V2 Scanner stand out is its durability in high volume, extreme environments. Its rugged design and water- and dust-resistant seal make it perfect for use in hospitals, banks, or busy points. It comes with a charger and a ruggedized bag, as well as a USB cable and wrist strap. This makes it easy to carry around wherever you go.

It is fast and accurate, and can verify age, passport checks, or driver license authentication within seconds. It quickly validates, records, and calculates the age from IDs in all 50 US states, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. There are optional 3 photos for entrants and ID. All this while maintaining a good customer relationship.

We are confident you will love the product and offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. You shouldnโ€™t settle for less when it comes to ID scanning systems. Choose the IDetect โ€“ Quantum Edge Handheld V2 ID scanner and Passport scanner.

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