How does the Hawkeye Asset work in Warzone 2

Published: 2023-01-20T15:21:00

Last Updated: 2023-01-20T15:20:45

Season 1 Reloaded featured players of Warzone 2 Many have come to realize the power of the Hawkeye trump. However, the recent patch for ultimate Trumps didn’t change much. However, many are still curious about how it works. Here’s how it works.

Warzone 2 offers players many options in terms of their classes. They have a wide range of weapons and can choose the trumps that best suit their play style.

Although choosing weapons is easier for players, the most popular ones tend to be the ones that dominate meta. Choosing a trump packet can be more difficult. This is because players are used to choosing 3 trumps, and not 4!

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Most of the time, the choice is based on the pack’s ultimate asset, which is usually the most powerful. Hawkeye’s quick work has allowed the Recon pack to make its way into Warzone 2 quickly. But is it working properly or a bug?

Hawkeye Asset in Warzone 2: Trouble for Hawkeye Asset

The Hawkeye trump cards in Warzone 2 allow players to see the position of another player and the direction they are going.

Warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 Recon Pack

This asset is powerful because it works when someone is using a drone. While you won’t be able to see the entire trajectory of the drone, you can get some pings that will show you the direction in which the enemies are facing.

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Trump a little too strong

Raven Software has officially corrected the bug in Warzone 2 with the ultimate trumps, which prevented them from functioning as intended.

This ultimate asset was previously only available to a few players, but now it is available to everyone. Many players have been asking for a solution, but Infinity Ward has confirmed that the fix was buggy and does not work as expected. A fix is expected to be available for Season 2.

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