DJI Mini2 SE: New revelations suggest it could be a great drone for beginners

The DJI Mini 2SE, a new travel drone, is now available to purchase. It weighs less than 250g.

Reliable informants have shared photos of the drone on Twitter. @DealsDrone (opens in a new window) @JasperEllens (opens in a new window). These images show a drone that is almost identical to the Mini SE. However, one key difference is that it is compatible with the new DJI RC-1 controller.

This is crucial because it supports OcuSync 2.0 transmission which is far better than the Mini SE’s current “Enhanced WiFi” connectivity. A leaked photo of the drone’s box shows that this will give the DJI Mini 2 SE an increased range of 10km (instead the Mini SE’s 4km) in the US.

Based on the DJI Mini 2, this range will be closer to 6km in areas beyond the US. However, that’s still plenty under current drone flight regulations. Ocusync 2.0 connectivity will also provide a stable and reliable signal between your controller and the Mini 2 SE.


These connectivity and compatibility with the new RC-1 controller (radio control with no integrated screen) are the only differences to the Mini SE. The Mini 2 SE is more like a modified Mini SE than the Mini 2. Its camera has a resolution of 2.7K, which is 4K on the Mini 2.

The good news is that it could be priced close to the Mini SE (currently available for 310 Euros). The Mini 2 SE could be ranked higher in our list of best drones for beginners if it has a similar price. A event poster leak (opens in a new window) It is possible that the drone could be unveiled on February 9.

Analysis: This is a small improvement but it’s a great start for beginners.


<span class="caption-text">The Mini 2 SE will likely replace the Mini SE (above). </span><span class="credit" itemprop="copyrightHolder">(Image credit: Walmart)</span>

We’ve seen many impressive drone competitors to DJI’s drones over the past few years, including Autel, Skydio, and others. However, the competition for DJI’s entry level Mini drones isn’t as fierce. The Mini 2 SE will likely prove to be the best option for beginners pilots.

The DJI Mini SE, which was introduced in mid-2021, is DJI’s most affordable drone. The DJI Mini 3 Pro, and DJI Mini 3 have both been released, but the DJI Mini 2’s price has not dropped. This is likely because DJI plans on keeping its Mini SE lineup at lower costs.

The chart below shows that DJI’s Mini series is not always affordable. This makes the Mini 2 SE a sensible choice.

Scroll horizontally by swiping
Current prices for DJI Mini series
Row 0-Cell 0 DJI Mini 3 DJI Mini 3 Pro DJI Mini 2
Drone only 489 euros 739 euros N/A
DJI RC-1 579 euros 829 euros 459 euros
DJI RC 749 euros 985 euros N/A

The DJI Air 3 will be a dream for more experienced DJI pilots. However, the Mini 2 SE, which has a 1-inch sensor, is an affordable option for those not needing advanced obstacle detection or 4K video.

According to leaked specs, the Mini 2 SE 249g will have 31 minutes flight time, 2.7K video recording, and a range 10km. Video transmissions will be in 1080p instead of 720p. If the Mini SE’s price is comparable, all of these features will be sufficient for a novice pilot who is looking for their first drone.

A leaked event poster suggests the Mini 2 SE would be announced on February 9. We may not have long to wait to find out.

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