DJI Mavic 3 Classic

We looked at DJI’s Mini 3 Pro earlier in the year. It was a lighter, more accessible way to capture great video footage with a drone that doesn’t require much control or clearance to fly. Let’s say that you have been bitten by this bug and want to take the next step in your journey towards professional production. DJI just launched the Mavic 3 Classic, which is exactly what you are looking for.

DJI’s main “prosumer drone” line has been the Mavic. The Mavic is heavier, heavier, ruggeder, and more intimidating than the Mini, so the price difference between the Mini and Mavic is quite significant. The standard Mavic 3 Classic is 20% more expensive than its predecessor, so the Mavic 3 Classic is a natural successor.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic

The difference is immediately noticeable: the Mavic 3 Classic is 895g heavier, its battery is more robust, the hinges are more resistant in the hinges, and the sound of the rotor blades when they launch is more obvious. For hobbyists who don’t need crisp 4K / 60fps shots, it’s not worth spending the extra money on a Mavic. A Mini 3 Pro can be purchased with a Fly More kit, which is still a great accessory. You still have money.

The Mavic 3 Classic doesn’t care about shooting, but it does care about getting better than average. So what kind of camera does it have? Yes, the camera’s dual lenses are the biggest problem. The Classic model has a single 20 megapixel 24millimeter f./2.8CMOS sensor. It uses Hasselblad NCS as a color setting. This lens can record 10-bit HDR at 10K / 50 frames per second, 4K/120 frames per second, or 1080p/200 frames per second in H.264 and H.265 formats. This is a lot of numbers, but the bottom line is that the Mavic 3 Classic is a great choice if you want to shoot more directional action-oriented footage or static shots, like the ones we do in our EV Hour videos. The sensor is larger and more sensitive to light. It also has better color grading and dynamic range. There is no comparison.

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The slightly larger chassis also has some advantages. Each battery gives you 46 minutes flight time. Although I would say that this is a slightly optimistic estimate, I still got 35 minutes from each battery. The same cruise control feature, omni-directional sensors to keep the drone from hitting various objects, and ActiveTrack 5.0 are all present. It’s a classic DJI drone that is certainly a compliment.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic

Although it’s clever that the Mavic 3 Classic can be used with the existing RC controller, it also has similar issues, especially when it comes to maintaining strong signals at range. This problem was evident on a trip I took to Norway with the Mini 3 Pro. Although it’s great that DJI still supports their legacy stuff, it was a little frustrating.

Overall, the Mavic 3 Classic is a success and further proof that DJI remains the undisputed champion. It will continue to play a vital role in our future and is highly recommended to anyone who wants to make more videos.

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