Destiny 2 – All security drone locations

To unlock the secret doors, shoot these yellow orbs.

Bungie has another set of secrets about Destiny 2’s security drones. These floating yellow orbs are only destroyed by the Revision Zero pulse rifle. They seem to be connected to a mysterious door that you can find in the Seraph’s Shield mission at the orbital station.

You can’t purchase the upgrade to open the security doors in Seraph’s Shield at the moment, so some drones are still not accessible. We may have to wait until next Wednesday to find out what they are doing. You can still shoot them down and get Seraphic Energy. The triumph also rewards you with an exotic sparrow similar to the Charge of Light last season.

You’ll need the Zero Revision exotic weapon. To get it, you will need to complete the Seraph Shield mission. This will also grant you access to the mysterious door. I have also updated our Resonance Booster Location Guide with the four additional locations found in the mission. Here’s where to locate Destiny 2’s security drones and the way they will open.


There are ten places where security drones are located on the moon. Here’s where you can find them:

  1. Line of Archers : Jump on the pipeline that runs through the area, and follow it until it reaches the building to the north for the orb.
  2. K1 Logistics Lost Area : The boss arena is on the right with the servant at end of lost sector.
  3. Anchor of Light : Near the Crashed Ketch entrance, near the location for the public event Fallen Tank.
  4. Anchor of light : To the northwest of the area, at the base of the building’s radio antenna.
  5. Hellmouth : At the top of the radio antenna, just outside the entrance to K1 Crew Quarters’ lost sector.
  6. K1 Crew Quarters lost sector Just before the boss, you will find the tracer hocks on the other side, near the big void.
  7. Hellmouth : Just outside the Hellmouth entrance itself. From the Anchor of Light, enter the area and go straight up the cliff to the right where Toland, a ball of light, hovers. The drone can be seen on the right side of this pit.
  8. Sorrow’s Harbor You will find the dungeon to the north of the area, just over the barrier and crystal you crossed at the Pit of Heresy dungeon’s beginning.
  9. Sorrow’s Harbor Near the small scarlet-arrow, in the southeast corner.
  10. K1: Lost Sector of The Apocalypse After you have killed the shrieker, get on the platform next to him and look straight ahead for him behind a wall.


There are ten locations for security drones on Europa. Here’s how to find them:

  1. Beyond The pyramid can be seen from the top of the dark structure to its south.
  2. Ridge of Cadmus Look up at the Vex structures as you enter Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Crossing to see the yellow drone.
  3. Cadmus Ridge : To your left of Bray Exoscience’s main entrance.
  4. Perdition’s Lost Sector After defeating the Minotaur boss at its end, you will find the chest just to your right.
  5. Asterion Abyss Look for a drone on a ledge high up when you reach the Vex structures on Asterion Abyss’ west side.
  6. Asterion Abyss This drone is located in the northeast corner of Asterion Abyss. You can see the ruins from the Eventide colony. It is hidden under the open ice in a small crack.
  7. Concealed Void lost sector : When you enter the large room that is filled with platforms, radiolaria fluid, and shanks, jump onto the left platform. You will find a drone near the Fallen console. It is sandwiched between two beams.
  8. Ruins of Eventide You will find the drone hidden in a corner of the building where Bunker E15 lost sector is located. Jump onto the platforms to the left to get to the platform on the right.
  9. Eventide Ruins : Northeast of the ruin, in the red-lit building near the giant hatch. The drone is located right next to the entrance to deep stone crypt raid.
  10. Sector lost by Bunker E15 : Just before entering the large room with three security prisons and the hidden drone, look through the glass in the room with security frames. To find its entrance, go into the large room.



Twelve drones are to be destroyed in the Seraph’s Shield Mission, but they aren’t currently accessible due to locked doors or laser fields. We should be able start buying the Exo Frame upgrade modules next week. These will allow us unlock the security doors and reduce laser damage.

You can still get around the laser grids with a sharp sword and if you know how to dodge. Stand directly in front of the lasers. Switch to your sword and move through. This should enable you to locate mission orbs. Bungie may have fixed the problem.


It is funny to note that no one is really sure what the point is of shooting security drones. There are also some triumphs in this mission, including one which will get you an exotic sparrow free of charge. Maybe we’ll be able to get one of the Zero Revision catalysts. We’ll find out within a few weeks.

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