Counterpoint: 13 is the lucky Number for the iPhone in 2022

Apple’s global smartphone sales will almost reach capacity in 2022, according to analysts. Counterpoint Research has compiled a list of the top 10 most-sold devices, and the iPhone 13 is the winner. Apple took 8 of 10 spots for it in this ranking, which includes the top-selling models of last year.

The iPhone 13 at the top

The Galaxy A13 takes fourth place, and the A03 takes 10th. No top of the range then, and even super entry level since these Galaxy cost less than 300 to 200 €. They are very popular in emerging markets like Africa, India, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Apple has, for its part filled the table with models that cover the entire range of its offerings, including the SE (9th) and the Pro Max… but there is no “mini” iPhone or “Plus” yet. Counterpoint reports that the iPhone 13 is the most popular model among customers. It has been dominant every month since its launch. The iPhone 13 is a popular model in China, France (UK), Germany, and the United States. This model accounted for 28 percent total iPhone sales.

</figure> <p>The 14&#8217;s arrival did not slow it down. The iPhone 13&#8217;s low price gave it a new advantage. Apple has kept it in its catalog on its store, making it start at 909 (or 859 elsewhere). The 14 could have a satellite SOS function, and even better autonomy. However, the major differences to the 13 were very minor.</p> <figure><amp-img src="" srcset=" 720w" sizes="(min-width: 720px) 720px" data-jslghtbx="" width="720" height="720" layout="responsive"/><figcaption>Samsung Galaxy A13

The iPhone 13 has been sold twice as many times as the 13 Max, which is second in the ranking, and significantly more than the 14 Pro Max, which arrived in the last months. We can assume that the 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island and their always-on screen will have blown their sails once the first year is over.

iPhone 13 test: Good in all areas

Counterpoint also notes that this is the first year that Pro Max models have outsold their Pro cousins. As Tim Cook noted in his last financial results, prices are still a major obstacle in the Apple market. The research firm also noted the positive performance of the iPhone SE in Japan, and provided no further explanation.

Counterpoint also noted a decline in the number smartphones on sale over the period 2022. They were 3,600, compared to 4,200 models in 2021.

A sign that brands are streamlining the offerings and the firm to expect a move upwards among manufacturers to increase their profitability. As we hear every year, iPhones are “amazing”. too expensive!

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